1001 Plants by IAAS LC UGM

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April 12, 2020
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April 27, 2020

1001 Plants by IAAS LC UGM

Hi FamilIAAS!

On March 7th and 14th, they successfully held IAAS 1001 Plants. IAAS 1001 Plants was held in Kulwaru Wetan, Kulon Progo. This event was attended by 36 volunteers that are students from various universities in Yogyakarta. The event was mainly preparing polybags to be cultivated with horticulture commodities. The committee collaborated with the village to develop the field to be more productive. More than that, the field becoming a demonstration plot for the fertilizer, as their VCP product.

On the first day, volunteers prepared the polybags and the planting media that consist of fertilizer, soil, and the husk while the resident gets the field prepared. 

Volunteers also had a chance to stroll around the village to see it’s farmer’s works in agricultural field.

On the second day, volunteers prepared the remaining polybags and cultivated sunflower seeds that meant to be refugia for the commodity plants. Volunteers also visited communal cow cage which is owned by the village.

We really hope IAAS 1001 Plants can give an impact on the village and also give a memorable experience for all the volunteers.


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