Agritalk : Kendeng Case

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March 26, 2017
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Agritalk : Kendeng Case

It’s been 2 weeks kendeng case still be trending topic in our country and until now there is no solution for this case.


Kendeng is limestone mountain that stretches across the northern part of island java, From grobogan ( East of Semarang ) there’s also that in the area of pati central java, until the northern part of jombang east java.The reason why many farmers of Kendeng always do demonstration because many teak trees with a height ranging from 4-5 meters embedded in the surrounding cave Pancur, Kayen, Pati regency, Central Java. Only five meters from the mouth of the cave, visible flow of water from the cave and lined with stalactites dripping. The water fell into the river, and people used to irrigate rice fields, showers and more.”This is just one cave, there are many caves in Mount Kendeng. Rich in water resources, has tourism potential is high, cultural sites and endemic wildlife, “said Ann, Hidayah, from the Network of Concerned Citizens Kendeng Mountains (JMPPK) when one of indonesian blogger visit kendeng in 2015.Beginning of a problem when the discourse of the cement plant began to sound and disturbing residents. 2006, one of cement factory will build a plant in Sukolilo District, Pati, Central Java.


Samin citizens residing in the region refused because it was considered a threat to agriculture and springs. Theyworry about the loss of rice fields and their livelihoods from farming when thefactory occupied the territory of 2009, residents won his lawsuit (the State Administrative Court) to the Supreme Court. In the same year, PT Semen Gresik, Indonesia withdrew from Pati and moved to the District Gunem, Rembang.2010, the Group entered Pati Indocement plans factory in District Kayen and Tambakromo. Most of the local communities, especially the followers of Samin and farmers in the mountainous karst Kendeng continue the struggle against the cement plant where the opposite of their vision to preserve the sustainable nature.And finally the factory managed to enter Rembang and starting on June 17, 2014. A day earlier, June 16, 2014, residents began to react and blocked access to the construction site. And since that time, the community had set up a tent at the entrance of the factory as a form of protest.Three viewpoints need to be shared :

Environmental experts
Quoted from Tempo, former Head of Geological Agency Surono said the region will become a mining location Groundwater Basin (CAT) a catchment area, streams, and groundwater discharge. The region is participating groundwater storage to supply the needs of water in North Kendeng Mountains and surrounding areas.

Cement factory

Feasibility studies have been done that show that karst contained in karst plain manifold mine site and there is no sign that the karst region are protected.Through Tempo, PT Semen Indonesia said that it is precisely the mine area is the area less fertile and agricultural activity will help residents with the provision of irrigation and extension springs region.

They have had enough with the situation that existed before. As mentioned previously, Samin teachings have quite a lot of influence on how local people think that the majority of farmers. One of the principles enshrined in this society is the preservation of the environment and how their anti excessive exploitation of nature.


In April 2016 many women of Kendeng do protest with do ‘Mengecor Kaki’ in front of the state palace, and finally they had the opportunity to dialogue with the president, but did not give good results.”Laterthe farmers so labour, even though the right is not healthy. Let us work with nature, “said Sukinah, one of nine Kartini Kendeng Ciujung which had “ menyemen kaki “ away as a form of rejection in front of the State Palace on April And then the same protest is begin again in 18 March 2017 at Kendeng, many women do “Mengecor Kaki’ again to show their protest until in 21 March 2017 one of the women farmers passed away because a suspected heart attack due to fatigue when do the protest. It has been almost two years the majority of citizens, especially women farmers set up and are in the ‘hood cement rejected’. They also conduct hearings with local authorities and the submission process should be stopped in court. April 2015 State Administrative Court (Administrative Court) Semarang, decided not to accept citizen lawsuit related Rembang plant construction. It lies behind the action of Kartini Kendeng ring the mortar with a pestle as danger signs of impending disaster caused by the presence of a cement plant in their region. This was followed by a letter addressed to the court requesting them to berdisksusi directly with the president Joko Widodo. Did not get the expected response, the struggle continued until what happened 2 weeks ago when the action did cast their feet.


Writer: Board of Vice Director of Project and Science
Editor: Raymundus Jati Primanda

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