Exchange Program

 Exchange Program

National Exchange Program

An internship program that held by IAAS Indonesia with an national scope, that means agriculture students can improving practical skill plus gaining experiences with the hosting places (working places) in the IAAS local committee all over Indonesia. We offer this opportunities to all the college students with a gaining practical skill interest (open for public).

International Exchange Program

is an internship program that held by IAAS with an international scope, so the students from Indonesia can gaining working circumtances experiences in abroad and vice versa. The countries that can be used as option are listed in IAAS World. We offer this opportunities to All member IAAS in all over nation (not open for public).
National Exchange Program Participants
Exchange Program Participants Worldwide

IAAS Exchange Program is traineeship (internship) that can enhance practical experience in both small and large working places. Exchange Program offer you to develop your skill that cannot be learned out from the textbooks. IAAS expro is aiming to give a positive learning experience, develop theoretical and practical leadership skills. Beside that, IAAS provide the opportunity to students who wants to improve their awareness and knowledge about social issues and different practice of sending and receiving country. In addition, IAAS support student to contribute more to student personal and professional life goals.

Internship Categories


Is the most common internship program in IAAS Exchange Program. The program takes place on a farm and the usual activities are crop harvesting and Livestock production. This category is very recommended for students from Agricultural Machinery, Food Science and Technology, Plant Production, and Forestry or students who have interest in on-farm activities.

This program is mainly focusing on Agricultural Research in a laboratories or Research Institutes in Indonesia. Archimedes Program is recommended for youth who have an interest or schedule in data collecting for research purpose. Archimedes also provide Managerial activities such as Product Marketing, Copywriter, Public Relation, Industrial Management, and many more.

Libertas program focuses on Volunteer activities. This program mainly focusing on collaboration with IAAS’ affiliated villages. The program is operated by IAAS Project and Science Division in a project called Village Concept Project