First IAAS Asia Pasific Director Meeting 2017 Niigata Japan was Succesfully Held

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October 5, 2017
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First IAAS Asia Pasific Director Meeting 2017 Niigata Japan was Succesfully Held

On 19th to 25th September 2017, IAAS Asia Pacific succesfully held the 1st Asia Pacific Directors Meeting (APDM) in Niigata University, Japan which hosted by IAAS Japan. IAAS 1st APDM was attended by 3 countries, Indonesia, Nepal and Japan, with number of participants around 30. This APDM also attended by the representative of IAAS World, Ms. Levina Caroline as Vice President of Communication and Madan Poudel as Control Board.

APDM consisted of series of events such as General Assembly (GA), Cultural Night, Workshop, Field Trip, Development Fund, and Farewel Party. GA was the most highlighted agenda in APDM, in which divided into two sessions: report session and plenary session. In the report session, the Regional Board directed by Edward Colind as Regional Director presented work results of his board, then followed by country report from each IAAS present country. Country report was delivered by the National Directors or the representative. The plenary session had two agendas including selection of host country for APDM 2018 and APDM 2019, then continued with exchange program training led by Dianita as representative of Regional Exchange Program Coordinator and Kristafera as representative of Vice Director of Exchange Program of IAAS Indonesia.

Based on the decision in plenary session, IAAS Nepal will host APDM in 2018 and IAAS Indonesia will host APDM in 2019. It would be an honor for host country to conduct APDM. As explained by Edward Colind, being the host of APDM is an opportunity to prove IAAS Country’s commitment as an IAAS member and this will be a good opportunity to increase sense of belonging of each member. As a host country they must have strong commitment, willing to fight for it and prove their capability as an organization. While in Exchange Program Training, they gave an explanation about exchange program from the very basic since most of IAAS countries in Asia Pacific has just started their exchange program. Afterwards, the RD conducted a consolidation for IAAS Asia Pacific 2023 where in this session the 3 countries discussed and created a strategy within the next 5 years for each IAAS country in Asia Pacific region. This session has become very important in APDM because every IAAS Country should make a statement about achievement that will be achieved in the next 5 years. From this consolidation, we made IAAS Asia-Pacific 2023 agreement, which one of the way to evaluate our achievement is by delivering progress report that will be delivered by National Director of each IAAS country in APDM.

Development Fund was also conducted in IAAS Asia-Pacific for the first time and succeeded to raise 10.000 yen. This session was directly led by Levina Caroline as Vice President of Communication and Madan Poudel as Control Board of IAAS World. Moreover, all delegates in APDM experienced the field trips around Niigata prefecture by visiting some places that specifically focused on agriculture such as research center in agriculture revitalization, greenhouses, green farms, farmer markets, etc. Many things have been obtained from APDM 2017, as it enhanced the sense of belonging among members of IAAS Asia Pacific, improved IAAS knowledge, as well as developed formal public speaking skills.

“This is the first time we conducting APDM after have been planned for several years and it was amazing, beyond our expectation. I’d like to give high-appreciation to IAAS Japan as the host who have been working incredibly hard and also to all delegates who have been attended APDM. From now on, APDM is an obligated annual event in IAAS Asia-Pacific. APDM is our platform to meet, plan, discuss for our future and also this is also the way how we strengthening our bonding. I had the best week with IAAS Asia-Pacific”. – Sincerely, RD

So Let’s be more proud of being IAASers. See you next year in APDM 2018 in Nepal!


Reported by Kristafera Feriadi

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