IAAS Local Committee Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), which was established in 1992, is the first member of IAAS Indonesia. In 1991, IPB sent some of their students to be delegations so they could make Indonesia as one of IAAS members, until Indonesia officially became IAAS member in 1992. Untilnow, IAAS LC IPB has thousands of members, either active or non-active, that are involved in agricultural and related sciences.

IAAS LC IPB is located in a city in West Java that is known of its frequency of raining. Bogor, a city that has President of Republic of Indonesia’s Palace, which has hundreds of deer in its yard. IAAS LC IPB has an office (secretariat) that is located in Student Center Building Level 1 in Kampus Dramaga, Bogor.


  1. IAAS Conversation Club (ICC) that has goal to develop English capability.
  2. I-Flash which is magazine about IAAS and agriculture.
  3. Programs to develop IAAS members’ soft skills.
  4. Village Concept Project that develop Carangpulang Village and CIkarawang Village in Bogor.
  5. Fieldtrip on Training that trains IAAS members in agricultural and technology.


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