Universitas Gadjah Mada is one Local Committee of IAAS Indonesia. It is located in Flora

Street Number 1 Bulaksumur, Sleman, Yogyakarta (Faculty of Agroindustrial Technology). IAAS

LC UGM has been established since six year ago, 2010, as full member. It has Vision to support

agriculture in Indonesia by action and intellectual understanding.

IAAS LC UGM has four hosting places, they are Tani Organik Merapi, Sand Agriculture in

Samas Beach, PT. Indmira, and Sabila Farm. Tani Organik Merapi focus in breeding horticulture

organically. The commodities they are Cultivated consist of red spinach, tomatoes, carrot, red

lettuce, and others. Tani Organik Merapi become biggest supplier of organic vegetable in

Superindo Group with 70% market share. PT Indmira is research and technology Development

Company on agriculture sector, they are committed to give solutions for better ecosystem by

doing eco-friendly product innovation. Sabila farm cultivate dragon fruit in their farm due to

cold weather in Kaliurang region.

IAAS LC UGM creates program for building agriculture sector by giving information

about agriculture and supporting skill competency, some of our programs are Exprovisit from

Exchange Program Department, Partnership and Sponsorship Training and LC visitation by

Public Relation Department, Earth Day by Project Department in collaboration with Muda

Menginspirasi Yogyakarta, IELTS challenge from Exchange Program Department in collaboration

with Swift English School, Study on Farm by Science and Technology Department in

collaboration with Project Department. Beside that we are developing a village Named Kulwaru

with their organic village project. We are focused in Making liquid organic fertilizer and biogas

to support their agricultural activity.
IAAS LC UGM encourage young generation to care about agriculture sector by modern

approaching. It is because of agriculture is a critical sector that must be discussed in order to

find any problem and its solution. IAAS LC UGM commits to give contribution in agriculture

sector by supporting global ideas and developing local agriculture. IAAS, Think Globally, Act

Locally! IAAS LC UGM, “Profesional berkarakter”.

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