IAAS INDONESIA at 33rd Session of Regional Conference for Asia and The Pacific

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March 24, 2016
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May 18, 2016

IAAS INDONESIA at 33rd Session of Regional Conference for Asia and The Pacific


IAAS Indonesia sent two members as observer to 33rd Session of Regional Conference for Asia and The Pacific, Putrajaya-Malaysia. They are Anjela Putri and Anggita Kharisma. FAO Regional conferences for Asia and the pacific is one of FAO biennium conferences that focusing on the opportunities and challenges in Asia and the Pacific. This year, FAO Regional conferences are successfully hosted by Ministerial of Agro-based Industry Malaysia from 7 until 11 March 2016. At the 4th day, there was an opening remark from Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, HE Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, accompanied by remarks from the Director-General of FAO, Dr. José Graziano da Silva. Beside of that, this conference was also attended by the representative from 44 fao’s member , an observer from FAO, 8 international NGO’s including IAAS, and 34 intra-government organization.

During the first three days, the discussion led by senior government officer and on 10 and 11 march there was ministerial-level meeting. As FAO’s governing body, this conference has resulted the draft resolution that focuses on a discussion of the challenges and opportunities of various countries in Asia Pacific in order to achieve FAO’s program which is Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by 2030. The discussion also focused on the policy and regulations in the Asia – Pacific region, Reducing hunger and poverty, revitalizing the rural economy through enhanced linkages between small-scale  agricultural production and value chains, and ‘blue growth.’ Besides of that, there was also held a roundtable discussion about the strategy to attract youth in agriculture. The discussion was held due to lack of interest of youth to be involved in the agricultural sector , but it is undeniable that the agricultural sector is one of the largest contributors to the GDP. They hope that there will be a lot of youth who engaged in this sector to promote the agricultural sector in the future.

As an observer on behalf of IAAS, Anjela Putri from IAAS Indonesia LC UGM and Anggita Kharisma from IAAS Indonesia LC Unpad feeling so interested in the discussions at the conferences. These conferences also lead them to “the great people” behind the country and people who care about agriculture. Also, they were feeling so happy because there was some field trip to “Crop For the Future”  where they can learn about growing and utilizing the seeds in order to strengthen food and nutritional security under climate change in Asia and Pacific region.  Anjela and Anggita were the only one who came as students, but it didn’t make them feeling so upset because this conference was a good opportunity to expand networking and experiences.

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