1. What is International Exchange Program?

International Exchange Program is the main annual activity of IAAS World that offers for students who want to learn and understand more about agricultural and related sciences on international level through Internship.

The IAAS exchange program – ‘Expro’- exists over 45 years and in this time, more than 20.000 students have been exchanged with IAAS. The IAAS exchange program gives opportunities to all students in Countries, where a recognised local committee of IAAS is active, to do a traineeship (internship) in another country. With ‘Expro’, you can learn and experience things that cannot be learned out of course books (source: www.iaasworld.org)

  1. Who may participate at the IAAS Exchange program?

Member of IAAS Indonesia

  1. How can I participate?

There’s a guideline that provide you all of the informations about International Exchange Program, you can download it in this website. But let me explain you about the way how you can participate this exchange program:

  • You must be an IAAS member
  • The registration timeline you can see in the question below
  • The first step is Local Committeee selection, the one who select you in this step is Local Exchange Coordinator. So you must be contact your lexco or maybe the lexco will open the registration for your Local Committee. The things that you have collect to the Lexco are Internship Planning Schedule, and soft file of Application Form by Lexco’s email.
  • Then, you will be having an Interview with your local exchange coordinator, and so on until the last step of selection.
  1. When will the registration open?

That’s the timeline of International Exchange Program Registration



27 August 2016 Hello expro! (Talkshow about International Exchange Program through  Line Official)
3 September 2016 Hello expro!
1-15 September 2016 Open Registration for International Exchange Program in Local Committee Level
16-17 September 2016 Interview with lexco (Local Exchange Coordinator)
19 – 22 September Interview with VDE (Vice Director of Exchange)
24 September 2016 Announcement


  1. How can I get the application form and Internship Planning Schedule? And what is Internship Planning Schedule?

You can get the Application form in this website, but for Internship Planning Schedule you have to make it by yourself. The Internship Planning Schedule is the schedule will help the student for doing the internship and monitoring student’s activities while they have the internship. The schedule must contain the name and brief explanation about the company they will have the internship for, Timeline of the internship and the activities the student may do within the exchange period, and the output and benefit they will get from the activities. if the student do not send the internship plan schedule, the lexco can not accept the student’s application.

INTER-EXPRO_Application Form 2016-2017

  1. Where can I go with this exchange program?

Because this program is International Exchange Program, so the connection is on the worldwide, spesifically IAAS exchange program gives opportunities to all students in Countries, where a recognised local committee of IAAS is active, All IAAS countries can participate in the organisation of the exchange program. You can find an updated member list on the tab “Exchange Progam Places”. However, the participation from countries in the Exchange program differs from country to country. To know exactly which countries were active recently in accepting students, please have a look on an interactive world map. You can easily see which country is active and which not. However, it is not because a country has not been very active last year, that it will not provide places in the future. Keep in mind that, when you register online, you will have to indicate 3 preferred destination countries. Your National Exchange Coordinator or the Exchange Quality Board will be able to help to choose the right country.


  1. How much the exchange fee?

Based in the GDP, Indonesia categorized as B country. In the World Congress 2016, there is an amandement about the exchange fee to 75 euro.






  1. How about the international exchange mechanism?



More informations about international exchange program you can read it in guideline. The guideline can be downloaded here.


  1. What if I have some questions in the future, Who is the contact person?

If you have some questions about expro, we provide you 3 ways to ask your questions. First, email your questions to exchange@iaas.or.id with the subject “International Exchange Program Question” (please don’t forget to write the subject). Second, there is a talkshow in ‘Hello Expro’ Official Account LINE to provide the exchange program informations. In that talkshow, you can ask the questions directly in QnA section. If you have a lot of spirit to exchange, I remind you to don’t miss that talkshow. Third, you can contact your local exchange coordinator in your local committee, here is the responsible person per local committee:

  1. Local Exchange Coordinator IPB

Name       : Siti Hediningsih

LINE        : sissysh

Email       : sitihediningsih@gmail.com

  1. Local Exchange Coordinator UNPAD

Name       : Inessa Alma

LINE        : inessaalma

Email       : almainesa@gmail.com

  1. Local Exchange Coordinator UNDIP

Name      : Widi Dwi Noviandi

Email      : wididwinoviandi11@gmail.com

  1. Local Exchange Coordnator UGM

Name     : Unsa Arifa

LINE      : unsa.arifa

Email     : unsa.arifa@gmail.com

  1. Local Exchange Coordinator UNS

Name    : Helmi Yahya

LINE     : 35_hem (LINE)

Email    : 35hemi@gmail.com

  1. Local Exchange Coordinator UB

Name   : Rozy Dwi Sahputra

LINE    : rozysahputra (LINE)

Email   : rozy.dsahputr@gmail.com

  1. Local Exchange Coordinator UNRAM

Name   : Agil Darmawan

LINE    : agil_darmawan (LINE)

Email   : agilsaturdale@gmail.com

  1. Local Exchange Coordinator ULM

Name   : Euis Miftahul Mufidah

LINE    : euismiftahul (LINE)

Email   : euismufidah@gmail.com


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