Press Release: IAAS Talk #3 by IAAS LC UGM

Press Release: Webinar STPRO 1 by IAAS LC UNEJ
July 8, 2020
Press Release: Kita Peduli by IAAS LC UMY
July 13, 2020

Press Release: IAAS Talk #3 by IAAS LC UGM

Hi, IAASers!⠀

This is #LCupdates is from IAAS LC UGM

On June 13th, we successfully held the IAAS Talk 3 with our expert speaker, Fetri Bariqi Almas (Chief Operating Officer of Zare.id) via Google Meet.⠀

The discussion’s theme was basic gardening, encompassing step by step of planting, needed gardening items, and tips and tricks for beginner gardeners.⠀

Thank you to all who have participated in this event. Stay safe, and keep up the good spirits!! ⠀


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