Press Release of National Congress XXIII

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December 14, 2017
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April 1, 2018

Press Release of National Congress XXIII

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On January 20th-24th 2018, IAAS Indonesia held The XXIII National Congress in BP PAUD DIKMAS, Banjarbaru, South Kalimantan. Hosted by IAAS LC Lambung iangkurat University, this annual event was attended by 93 delegates from 8 local committees and 1 candidate member. As the highest authority in policy making of IAAS Indonesia, all the representatives of  the entire local committees gathered to discuss about the future of IAAS Indonesia. This event had 10 agendas such as International Seminar, VCP Exhibition, Council, Workshop, BOS II, Strategic Plan, Video Challenge for 3S Actions, Excursion, and Visit VCP.

As the first Agenda, The International Seminar with the theme “Wetlands 3S Actions: Save Food, Save Water, and Save Biodiversity with Culture of South Kalimantan” was delivered by two speakers with Mrs. Alia Rahmi, S. TP, M.Sc as moderator. The first speaker was Ms. Kim Janssen as Consultant of Environment and Natural resources Management who talked about Food especially in Wetlands area. The second speaker was Mr. Dipa Satriadi Rais who talked about Hydrology of Peat Lands; Biophysics and Sustainability.

The next agenda was VCP Exhibition. In this agenda, each local committees presented about their Village Concept Project (VCP). Not only their activities in there, but also presented their VCP Product. After all the local commitees are done, the National Director, Ms. Ayida Martas Sulfa appreciated all the local commitees VCP and product. Besides that, she also introduced Pembangunan Nasional Veteran Yogyakarta University as the IAAS Indonesia candidate member. In the evening, all the delegations disscused about the fixed presidium for the council in the next day.

On January 21st until January 23rd 2018 the agenda was council. In the council, they discussed about World Congress (WOCO) 2017 report, National Congress (NATCON) XXII report, Candidate Member presentation, Annual Review from 8  local committeess, National Committee 2017-2018 report and Control Council of National Committee report.

After all the reports done, the council was started to discuss about the election of new National Committee and Control Council of Local Committee on the third day (January 22nd 2018). After spend a long of time, finally they got the new caretakers for the next year. The elected National Committee were Siti Hediningsih as National Director, Amira Razan Zafira as Vice Director of Exchange, Salma Fitria as Vice Director of Finance, Raymundus Jati P.  as Vice Director of Communication, Rahmat Hidayat as Vice Director of Partnership, and Ashif Hujjatul Islami as Vice Director of Project and Science. The elected Control Council of National Committee were Afu V Driantika, Defalki Kanasta, and Miladuz Zakiyah.

In the fourth day (January 23rd 2018), the agenda was continued with BOS II which divided into two sessions. The first session was delivered by MYPRODIGY. In MYPRODIGY session, the delegations fill the assessement table which described their personality to know what is job should be taken after graduate from college. After that, all the delegations had a workshop about making Sasirangan, the traditional fabric from South Kalimantan, which was delivered by KP Sasirangan. Then they continued the second session of BOS II by disscussing  the next strategic plan for IAAS new periode. After that, the delegates disscuss about Host of Asia Pacific Director Meeting (APDM) on 2019.

Finally, the council ended. The next agenda was 3S Actions Video Challenge. All the local committees presented their video which was made in their local committee before. All the delegations were enjoyed the videos and in funny scenes the hall was full with laughter. In the end of this agenda, the previous National Committee of IAAS Indonesia were announced some award for local committee, best coordinator of department, and many more.

The agenda for the last day (January 24th 2018) were excursion and Visit VCP. The delegations went to Masjid Sabilal Muhtadin, Lok Baintan Floating Market, Pulau Kambang, Menara Pandang Siring P. Tendean, Anno House, and Cahaya Bumi Selamat shopping complex. After that, they went to VCP IAAS LC ULM on Komplek Cahaya Al-Ichwan Banjarbaru. Thank you for all the amazing delegations! See you in the next National Congress!



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Written By : Publication Team of National Congress XXIII

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