Press Release: Webinar STPRO 1 by IAAS LC UNEJ

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July 7, 2020
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July 8, 2020

Press Release: Webinar STPRO 1 by IAAS LC UNEJ

Hi, IAASers!

This is #LCupdates is from IAAS LC UNEJ

On May, 9th 2020, the collaboration between the Project Department and STD (Science and Technology Department) of IAAS LC UNEJ was successfully held in an event called STPRO 1.0 (Stay Productive Part 1). This event was held its first webinar hosted by IAAS LC UNEJ.

STPRO 1 was attended by more than 100 participants from the IAAS members and other public participants. STPRO 1 was held from 9.00 AM until 11.30 AM on google meets, this event began with an opening from MC, speech from the committee, the speakers, and Vice-Chancellor of UNEJ, continued by sharing information about EXPRONAS by Expro Department.⠀

This collaboration has the goal to share knowledge about “Pemanfaatan Rempah-Rempah dan Tanaman Helbal Sebagai Peningkat Daya Tahan Tubuh selama Masa Pandemi COVID-19” with 2 main speakers. This event ended with games and closing speeches from STPRO 1.0 officers.⠀

STPRO aims to educate our communities about maximizing the use of spices and we hope that our participants can practice this knowledge in their daily lives to keep their immunity and stay healthy. This event was held to fill our free time during quarantine time COVID-19 to stay productive.⠀


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