[IAAS World] – Participate at The TFF Summit

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March 23, 2016
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April 1, 2016

[IAAS World] – Participate at The TFF Summit

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Participate at the Thought for Food Summit in Zurich!
Become an IAAS delegate!

In short: 

– 1&2 April

– Housing, travel expenses and breakfast are not covered by TFF nor IAAS.

– Luch and dinner is provided at the TFF event


At TFF, Next Generation inventors, doers and dreamers will come together to challenge conventional rules and boundaries in food and agriculture, fundamentally shifting paradigms in the name of impact. By “uprooting assumptions,” they chance opportunities.
At the 2016 TFF Global Summit, taking place in Zurich, Switzerland, we will show how some of the world’s most common assumptions in food and agriculture are being turned on their heads.
Meet and learn from revolutionary change makers and inspiring thought leaders. Hear 10 breakthrough pitches from the TFF Global Challenge Finalists. Experience firsthand the creative power and impact of the next generation through our edgy workshops. Get ready to jettison your baggage, histories and biases, and dare to see things with refreshing boldness.
Assumptions beware!




Hereby I included the call for participants.

Mail as soon as possible to vppartnership@iaasworld.org and become an IAAS delegate at the TFF Global Summit.

You will receive a confirmation mail of your application from Lucas, VP External Relations.

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