The Power of Qurban

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September 10, 2017
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September 21, 2017

The Power of Qurban

Qurban simply means sacrifice. Each year during Islamic month of the Dhul Hijja, an animal is slaughtered by Muslims all over around the world to reflect Prophet Ibrahim’s readiness to sacrifice his son Ismail for God’s sake. Started from Prophet Ibrahim a. got the dream that he had to slaughter his son Ismail. And the dream of a prophet is one of the ways of the revelation of God, then the commandment he receives in the dream must be performed by Prophet Ibrahim. As a father of course the prophet Ibrahim did not want to kill his son. When Prophet Ibrahim told his dream to his son, his son just said O my father! Do what God has commanded you. When the ismail prophet is to be slaughtered, God through the angel Gabriel replaces it with the great sheep, so that the slaughtered is a sheep not an ismail prophet. This continued practice of Qurban, to Muslims, acts as some kind of reminder of his obedience to his God. The animal can be a camel, goat, cow or sheep.

At least a third of this meat must go to vulnerable people or the poor. People who sacrifice, would keep a third of meat for their family members and offer the final one third to their neighbors. Do you know ? it is important for our body to consume animal nutrition intake. Beef and mutton are regularly used as sacrificial animals in Indonesia has many benefits for the health of the body. According to Rosihan Anwar, Sgz, a nutritionist from Banjarmasin, animal protein such as contained in goat and cattle is an essential protein is not found in vegetable proteins. Animal protein has an amino acid structure similar to the structure of the human amino acids, but cannot be made by the human body because of the order of aminonya acid is relatively more complete and balanced.

The protein has many functions important to the human body, which are for growth, repair damaged cells, as energy reserves if carbohydrates as a source of primary energy is insufficient, the acid alkaline balance the Virgin, as well as plasma-forming material glands, hormones and enzymes. In addition to protein-rich meat is also rich in iron that can help us to avoid anemia. Although the vegetable sources as well as many that contain iron, but iron in meat is more can be quickly used by the body. In addition, meat also contains fat that can serve as a solid energy to the human body, as well as to conserve protein and make sense of satiety for longer.

Now you can process your meat into various kinds of food. Here we give 5 inspirations processed meat and video links how to make it. Because you make it by yourself, you can shape it as you please

  1. Sate kambing bumbu kecap ( https://youtu.be/VANF93qDWBw )
  2. Beef Teriyaki ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZnNtI0NQF4 )
  3. Steakdaging sapi ( https://youtu.be/dEdUZJMox6g )
  4. Meatballs ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1m3gV8ilOJA )
  5. Patty Burger ( https://youtu.be/8p8fyKTQfhY )

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