Webinar “Strategy to Fulfill Food Supply in New Normal Conditions”

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June 20, 2020
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June 27, 2020

Webinar “Strategy to Fulfill Food Supply in New Normal Conditions”

On April 13th 2020, IAAS Indonesia was held a Webinar event with the theme “Strategy to Fulfill Food Supply in New Normal Conditions” which was attended by around 70 people and it is held from 10.00 – 12.00 WIB via Google Meet.

This event began with an explanation about the impact of the current pandemic conditions by Aliya Syahira as moderator

Then, continued with presentation session. First presentation from Graha Abadi Pasyaman as Duta Milenial Kementrian Pertanian RI that presented about the impact of this pandemic on food security in Indonesia and provide strategies that can be done to overcome that problem from many sides, such as government, farmers, and youths with productive age.

Second presentation from Herry Nugraha as Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer Etanee.id that presented about the impact of the pandemic on food supply and demand in the market, tell some strategies based on digital and technology and also the application of collaboration between companies who also use the concept of design thinking.

In this moment, there was a discussion session between participants and speakers that was very interactive as evidenced by many questions that asked to speakers. The hope is this event will be able to inform participants about the strategies that can be taken to overcome food security problems in new normal conditions. Thank you to all those who supported this event.

You can re-watch this insightful discussion on IAAS Indonesia Youtube channel.

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