June 18, 2017

Agritalk: Understanding Recirculating Aquaculture System

Understanding Recirculating Aquaculture System Greeting! Hallo everyone ! At this time, we live in the age of globalization or can also be called the era of […]
June 4, 2017

Why Basic Food Prices are Rising in Ramadan?

Hello everyone Marhaban Yaa Ramadhan Ramadan is a month full of grace and restraint from all sin, the moon where all charities both folded duplicate reward, hopefully we can run it smoothly and get a lot of reward in this month’s Amen… Special for Ramadhan, AgriTalk […]
June 2, 2017

For Peat’s Sake, We’re here!

Today, Jakarta is very hot, humid, not too friendly neither for locals nor foreigners to do any activities. Yet, from the top of Bakrie Tower in […]