learn history from our co-founder

Mrs. Ina Nasution is one of the Co-Founder of IAAS Indonesia, along with Mr. Arief Satria on World Congress 1992

Exchange program

The IAAS exchange program – ‘Expro’- exists over 45 years and in this time, more than 20.000 students have been exchanged with IAAS. The IAAS exchange program gives opportunities to all students in Countries, where a recognised local committee of IAAS is active, to do a traineeship (internship) in another country. With ‘Expro’, you can learn and experience things that cannot be learned out of course books

Youth agricareture

Youthagricareture (YACT) is a social project initiated by IAAS Indonesia as a form of Caring for Young Generation to improve the welfare of Rural Citizen in the field of Agriculture, Education, and environment. With a spirit to "Build Indonesia from Village, We are very motivated to make this movement successful.

IAAS World congress

The World Congress is an opportunity to make decisions shaping the future of the association through discussions and workshops annually. Indeed, the participants voted during the General Assembly to change big parts of the IAAS Constitution and By-Laws, which is an interesting democracy exercise.

iaas summit

IAAS Indonesia realize that today’s youth interest especially in agriculture is off. Over the past 25 years IAAS Indonesia and IAAS Local Committee spread across  cities in Indonesia continues to contribute in matters of agriculture, self-development and empowerment of local communities through varieties of IAAS programs. Make agriculture interesting and become a potential in the eyes of the youths and Indonesia’s generation has been the mission of IAAS Indonesia.

snapfood campaign

Snapfood is an online campaign initiated by IAAS Indonesia that aimed to encourage society especially the youth to appreciate their food and the farmer works. It is formed by taking picture or video of your food on before and after you finish the food. We believe that by finishing the food without leaving any waste, will have a huge impact to our surrounding and environment.

national congress

National Congress is the highest authority in policy making in IAAS Indonesia. This annual meeting attended by representatives of the entire of Local Committee Members all over nation and The delegates will have some discussion about the future of IAAS Indonesia.

Frequently asked questions

IAAS (International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences) is the world biggest student organization in the field of agriculture and related sciences. We are the branch of IAAS World in Asia Pasific Region with the largest number of member in the World. We have more than 1200 active members in Indonesia located in 11 Local Committees all over Indonesia. IAAS Indonesia is striving to make Agriculture “Sexy” in the eye of young Generation in Indonesia by Creating Projects, Exchange Programs, and Creative Campaigns.

We currently have Eleven (11) Local Committees in Indonesia.

– Institut Pertanian Bogor

– Universitas Padjadjaran

– Universitas Sebelas Maret

– Universitas Diponegoro

– Universitas Gadjah Mada

– Universitas Brawijaya

– Universitas Mataram

– Universitas Lambung Mangkurat

– Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta

– Universitas Jember

– Universitas Udayana

You can easily join as IAAS Member by contacting IAAS Local Committee in your University. The Registration is usually taking place on every new academic year in your University. If by chance your university doesn’t host IAAS, then you have a choice to establish IAAS in your university.

To establish IAAS in your University, you have to reach us via Indonesia@iaasworld.org. You will then required to prepare several things and Join the Next year’s National Congress to decide whether your university meet the requirement to be the Candidate Member of IAAS Indonesia or not. You will then given several challenges to establish the foundation of your local committee. These progress should be reported on the next year’s National Congress after becoming a Candidate Member.

We are now running several exciting national scale project and campaign and we could not accomplish all of these without our partner. We need You! We are always welcome for any collaboration. Please kindly contact partnership.iaasindonesia@gmail.com

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