Agritalk: Miniature Zen Garden

February 11, 2017
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March 5, 2017

Agritalk: Miniature Zen Garden


A zen garden is a Japanese form of dry garden, where nature is represented in a mini form by using stones and sand or gravel. Japanese rock gardens have become known in the West as Zen gardens. Designed around six aesthetic principles that harness the beauty and power of nature, Theses principles are: fukinsei, or asymmetry; kanso, or simplicity; koko, or venerability; yugen, or subtlety and mystery; datsoku, or otherworldliness; and seijanku, or stillness.

Mini zen gardens have been growing in popularity among gardening enthusiasts who do not have the space or the means to have a full sized garden. Mini Garden is very good for our office room or for student boarding house because mini zen garden just keep it right on top your desk,like this picture.1

Mini zen gardens are also a great arts and crafts project for us who want to get into gardening.You can create a mini zen  garden using some easy to find supplies and add in mini accessories to make the mini garden your own. You can put Plants like mosses , air plants or succulents to make your mini zen garden look naturally.

This is step How to make Miniature Zen Garden

Source : http://www.bitrebels.com/lifestyle/how-to-make-miniature-zen-garden/


Most Japanese temples have zen gardens in their compound, where the monks practice samon to increase their concentration. It also gives a meditating effect to those who are watching this. The art of drawing patterns forms the essence of a zen garden.
3Zen Garden can range in size from huge expanses of outdoor space to miniature, indoor versions that fit easily on the top of a desk. Commonly, a small area of a patio or backyard can be turned into a pleasing and calm spot with a zen garden. Having a mini zen garden in your home helps you to increase your concentration, by drawing different patterns. You can redraw the patterns in sand as and when you desire according to your imagination.

Therefore plants improve our environment and care for the maintenance of the necessary comfort.  Not only have many benefit for our body mini zen garden also have business opportunities because if you have good creativity you can use mini zen garden to be your business and this business is soo interesting because mini zen garden have many design, many benefit and make every room looks more beautifull and naturally.Except that having a mini zen garden can  Clean the air, reduce carbon dioxide levels and humidity. They help to reduce the concentration of certain pollutants such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide. Further to that indoor plants substantially reduce the level of dust concentration in the air and help to maintain lower temperatures in the room during the summer months.

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