AgriTalk: The Emergence of Nutrition for Better Health

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April 17, 2018
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AgriTalk: The Emergence of Nutrition for Better Health


Nowadays we are easily underestimate the importance of nutrition in our body. Nutrition that we need is one of Zero Hunger point. Nutrition can be gathered from vegetables, fruits, and many other things that can be eaten. Our body need 5 components of nutrition for our living. They are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, and vitamins. Those components are needed for our health.

What happened with Nutrition?

Anybody knows why In Indonesia especially still had a lot of problem about lack of nutrition? Perhaps some of us like to say that The government are not really respond about this problem or people only eat just for make their stomach full and back to their activities again. All of those are mostly the answer!

On this very occasion, We will discuss about Nutrition Problem. We had a lot of problem about Zero hunger. One of that problem is The Lack of Nutrition Consumption. The ignorance about nutritions which are needed for body health are very misplaced right now.

There are 3 points of view based on WHO observation results :

Firstly, The economy condition each of civilians are lower than normal rate. This is happened in Indonesia which is caused by social difference. All positions and economy strategies are very influential for better life cycle. Civilians won’t reach the normal rate of economy if this social difference happens. This is also called as “No money today, no eat today!”

Secondly, The people awareness about nutrition for the good health is still at low point. Why? Because some of nutritious foods are hard to find and also expensive. So, this affect people’s will about to eat whatever they want as long as it can make their stomach full.

Thirdly, the environment where we were born or we live is also the great factor for nutrition completion in our body. Why? Because well environment similar as well fed. So, when the environments along us aren’t good and haven’t much opportunity to live then we have lost for normal rate of nutrition consumption (Wildman,2002).

Look at this data statistic!

Based on Nutrition Observation State Report 2016 in Indonesia, there are 3 sectors that indicate the urgent od nutrition problem. (www.kesmas.kemkes.go.id/assets/upload/dir…/Buku-Saku-Hasil-PSG-2016_842.pdf)

  • The green zone is the lack of Baby nutrition under 10%. It is good for some location like Bengkulu, Bali and North Sulawesi.

  • The yellow zone is the lack of Baby nutrition under 10-20%. Indonesia still have may sectors that indicate as yellow zone like Banten, Jakarta, Papua New Guinea, North Sumatra,Aceh etc

  • The red zone is the lack of Baby nutrition under 20-30%. Just some location like NTT, South Sulawesi, South Kalimantan, etc.

From those points, Babies or children are almost get lack of nutrition consumption.Their nutrition are not fully completed because many factors. Based on their research show that this nutrition degeneration of distribution pattern are critical almost over Banda Aceh city and mostly there are 6-14 cases about this nutrition problem (Tarmizi,2016). There are still many cases in Indonesia right now about this lack of nutrition consumption.

Materials and Problems

Let’s move to our daily activities as adulthood/collegian. We are usually have some troubles like we don’t have enough money to buy nutritious food, principle about less money with cheap price can full the stomach, or maybe we just eat, eat, and eat without care about the nutrition?

  • We are so lazy to choose and eat vegetables/fruits

  • Nutritious foods are so expensive and unreachable for collegian like us in Indonesia

  • We prefer junk food than healthy food

  • Many products f supplements which can accumulate much nutritions in short amount of time

  • Less inovation about nutritious food product which is important for the future feed


After all of those troubles above, we have to make a great decision form now about to take care of our own body/health from nutrition degeneration. Then what should we do in real action after we know every single pieces of proposition about this topic?

First, we have to accept the nutritious foods whatever the forms like. We must force ourselves to eat them. Because people nowadays always choose based on visual and doesn’t look into the nutrition.

Second, we have to change and fix our eat pattern. Why eat pattern? Remember that our body have its own maximum capacity and time zone for processing food in disgestion system. It’s better to take care of eat pattern priority.

Third, we need some good idea/innovation about to develop better and effective nutritious food consumption. It also has an advantage in the future for better feed composition.

Fourth, we can do some socialization as collegian about The importance of Food Nutrition before Global Hunger Attack or we’ll gonna do some research and move to food innovation then do experiment in seminar.

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