AgriTalk : What’s Wrong With Salt?

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August 3, 2017
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August 26, 2017

AgriTalk : What’s Wrong With Salt?

Hallo everyone,  AgriTalk is back! If you keep up with the news on television, you must be aware that recently there is a scarcity of salt which has resulted in soaring salt prices in Indonesia. And last week, AgriTalk talked about this topic. Are you curious about what we are talking about ? Below are the things what we talked about. Happy reading !

Salt is perhaps most well known for its roles as a flavoring agent and food preservative. It has been used by humans to preserve food for many thousands of years, but salt also plays other, lesser known roles in the food we eat. Salt is an essential nutrient, it provides flavor, texture, and enhances color. Talking about salt, lately a lot of television coverage about scarcity and salt price increases. Scarcity and rising prices of salt are due to low stocks. Farmers said the stock of salt is still slightly entering the harvest season causing scarcity of salt consumption in some areas.


According to Gus Ipul, the salt scarcity that is currently happening is the impact of the uncertain season that occurred since 2016 ago. Due to the length of the rainy season, in 2016, salt farmers in East Java can only produce 123,873 tons of salt from the production target of 1.2 million tons. The reason, is expected because the supply from the production areas decreased. The cause is indeed rare because many of the crop fails. The cause of crop failure in some salt-producing areas due to uncertain and extreme weather factors. Rain intensity is still high in coastal areas. Whereas the salt farmers need solar heat with a high enough intensity. The Rising prices of salt is certainly detrimental to the producers of salted fish, anchovies, pindang and others because of the cost to produce it is higher.

“Of course, with the rise too high in the market, there is no influence for farmers. Because, they are not currently producing. Improvement of trading system and alignment to salt farmers should be done by the government, “said Vice Chairman of the HOUSE Commission IV Herman Khaeron told reporters, Friday (21/7). When salt prices soar, there are efforts of the parties who seek profit. The salted fish produsen in Surabaya complains about the salt he bought, there is a mix of tawas. And it’s too dangerous for the consumer. Chairman of the Indonesia people’s Salt farmers Association (APGRI) Sodikin Jakfar said a number of sentra salt in Madura are just beginning to harvest, such as producing new Sumenep 7,000 tonnes of farmed area of 2,000 hectares in the County.


So it is with the new produce Pamekasan 1,500 tonnes of broad embankment 888 ha. As for of Sampang new elections caused crop 1,200 tons of acres 4,256 ha. “Supply is not yet comparable with the market demand,” said Jakfar on interview with one of the news media in indonesia. But according to him, the production of salt will be sufficient market demand next month with an estimated production of 140,000 tonnes or above the volume of demand for salt consumption 125,000 per month. These estimates are outside the production of Salt pond that belongs to PT (Persero). Jakfar said weather in the island of Salt this month have started ‘penggaraman’ with activities conducive to the blazing sun. He predicts the volume of production is on the rise from late August or early September with production reached 200,000 tons of notes with no weather disturbance.


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