Aquaponic From Home Competition by IAAS LC Unpad

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November 17, 2020
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November 30, 2020

Aquaponic From Home Competition by IAAS LC Unpad

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Aquaponic From Home Competition (AFHC) 2020 is an aquaponic installation competition initiated by Project Department IAAS LC Unpad which aims to improve household food security during the pandemic era, and encouraging Indonesian college students to be a millennial farmer with organic aquaponic system. This competition allows the participants to create aquaponic installation at low cost, but still considering aesthetic, practical and environmental aspects.

The AFHC registration process started on August 24th – September 30th, 2020. It consists of 3 stages, which will be selected by the judges :

1. Puji Hatmoko as owner of KangPujFarm
2. Irfan Zidni, S.Pi., M.P. as faculty of marine and fishery lecturer in Padjadjaran University.

First stage selection of AFHC all participant’s proposals were received on October 04th, 2020. Selection of participants based on the proposal reports they have submitted. As a result, on October 05th, 2020, top 10 proposals passed to the next stage.

All participants have created their aquaponic installation on the second stage of selection. This stage began from October 05th, 2020 until November 05th, 2020. The second stage of appraisement depends on the participant’s final report that had been submitted. Three participants passed to the final stage.

In the final stage, participants had made video documentation about their aquaponic installation. They also gave a brief explanation about tools, materials, and commodities they had used. Appraisement for the final stage depends on its editing, originality, explanation, and number of likes and views of their videos on Instagram TV @iaaslcunpad.

The announcement of the winner in Aquaponic From Home Competition 2020 was held by the Zoom platform on Wednesday, November 18th, 2020 at 15.45 WIB. This meeting was attended by the judges which aim to explain the appraisement results and gave improvements suggestions for each finalist. The results of the final announcement of the 2020 AFH Competition are as follows:

1st place: FINISYS Rp2.000.000
2nd place: Aquaponics Nutrient Flow Technique System Rp1.000.000
3rd place: Akuaponik Galon Vakum Rp500.000

Congratulations to all the winners of the AFH Competition 2020!
“Farming is a profession of hope.” — Brian Brett

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