Can Indonesian Implement the IoTs Technologies for Agricultural Systems to Raise the Interest of Millenials?

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September 19, 2020
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October 14, 2020

Can Indonesian Implement the IoTs Technologies for Agricultural Systems to Raise the Interest of Millenials?

Some of you may be unfamiliar with IoT. What is IoT? Is it the same as the internet we have known? Then, how far has the development of IoT been in Indonesia? The Indonesian IoT Association (ASIOTI) has collaborated with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and Ministry of Industry, they are organizing a sustainable competition called IoT Makers Creation in 2019. Did you know that those who are interested in agriculture are now increasing?. Based on the-results of BPS Inter-Census Agriculture Survey (SUTAS) in 2018 the number of young farmers under the age of 25 became 273,839 people from 229,943 in 2013 (Agriculture Census, 2018).

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IoT (Internet of Things) can be described as connecting a network between humans and things or things themselves to gain data, object, and location automatically with the internet using RFID, sensors, GPS, etc (Noviardi and Dilson, 2016). Reported by CNN Indonesia on Friday, August 23rd, 2019, IoT in Indonesia is currently facing two challenges; education and commercialization. IoT is a technical tool or device of Low Power Wide Area (LPWA). This is a challenge of IoT implementation in Indonesia, because it has frequency license issue, device standard issue, and domestic content level issue (TKDN) (CNN, 2017). However, since Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara signed a Draft Ministerial Regulation (viz. RPM) about the use of radiofrequency spectrum based on class permission in April 2019, commercialization finds an ease. Now, Indonesia needs appropriate and applied directly to IoT. Teguh Prasetya, as the head of the Indonesian IoT Association, explains that the excellence from Indonesian IoT makers is the ability to analyze and develop solutions.

Millennials are a person with age in the range 19-39 years old. According to Tapschott (2008) from Kalfaris Lalo (2018), the millennial generation is called Z generation which is like freedom, loved to do personalize, relying on the speed of instant information, like to work and learn with the innovative environment, active to collaborate, and hyper technology.

Agriculture is the determinant of the life and death of a nation. So, agriculture is one of the appropriate sectors to the IoT implementation. Utilizing real-time agriculture information is one of the IoT benefits. The benefits are control of plant development, pests and diseases, land area, harvest period, and detect substandard yields. This real-time can collect data from sensors. Then, this data is displayed in an application or web that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. The aim is to reduce farmer errors when controlling plant development. So that, agricultural products increase both in terms of quality and quantity.

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For instance Alsintan is based on IoT. Some of the results of the development of Balitbangtan to develop agriculture 4.0 include rice seed drone drones, rice planting robots, autonomous tractors, and harvesting machines plus integrated tillage. In addition there is also RiTX. RiTx Farming is a mobile application based on Agricultural Technology. RiTx helps record farming systems, choose guidelines for cultivation and good agricultural handling and processing. Increase agricultural efficiency more easily and economically but can produce maximum yields. With RiTx Bertani, farmers can easily get access to the right partners and markets. From IPB University, there is IoT innovation called Mini Plant Factory Internet of Things (IoT) based. Which controls temperature, intensity, duration and spectrum of light, precision supply of nutrients.

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International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences (IAAS) is the World Biggest Student Association in The Field of Agriculture and Related Sciences. IAAS was founded in 1957 and started with only 8 member countries.For the last 60 years, IAAS has grown into a big organization with 53 member countries and more than 10,000 active members. IAAS Indonesia was found by Mr. Arif Satria on December 29th 1992. By the year of 2020, IAAS Indonesia has 11 Local Committees across the country with more than 1200 active members.

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