June 2, 2023
July 28, 2023


Source: Coldplay Concerts Will Be More Environmentally Friendly. Forest Digest.

[Why is Coldplay known as the Most Environmentally Friendly and Influencement Band For The World]

Who doesn’t know the band Coldplay? The band, which will hold a concert in Indonesia on November 15, 2023, is a rock band from England that was formed in 1997 in London. Almost all of their songs have become popular online and even Coldplay has won 7 Grammy Awards since the early 2000s. Their popular songs include “Something Just Like This” in collaboration with The Chainsmokers and “Paradise”. Interestingly, this band is called the most environmentally friendly band. What is the reason?

In 2019, the band Coldplay postponed their concert and decided to bring it with an eco-friendly concept in 2022. The following are some of the things and actions taken by the Coldplay band to promote environmentally friendly concepts, including:

1.Reducing carbon dioxide emissions

Behind the lively Coldplay music concerts, there is the threat of a worsening climate crisis. It is very difficult to hold eco-friendly concerts nowadays. However, what’s great about Coldplay is that they are committed to holding environmentally friendly concerts.

Unmitigated, they use a variety of technologies, not forgetting that they also work with environmental experts to reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible. Of course, this effort is carried out with the hope that the concert they are holding will not damage the climate or the environment.

Just like the previous event concept, Coldplay will carry an environmentally friendly theme in various ways, such as reducing carbon dioxide emissions, reducing flights, creating environmentally friendly stages and performances, managing waste, and even using renewable energy.

This is carried out as a result of the band’s adherence to the three sustainability principles of reduce, reinvent, and restore. Additionally, they pledged to provide funding for the initiative to plant trees, with one tree being planted for every ticket sold. Additionally, the band has promised to contribute money to initiatives that support renewable energy, conservation, soil regeneration, and carbon capture and storage (DACCS).

To reduce carbon dioxide emissions, Coldplay concerts use renewable energy for all components of their concerts. Starting with the installation of temporary solar tiles on the floor of the venue, outside concourses, and on the stage. Later, charging will begin as soon as they have arrived on the stage. It didn’t stop there, they also installed a kinetic floor in the venue, which aims to convert the movement of the audience into energy and attract the attention of the audience. There are also power generator bicycles that the audience can use to contribute power during the concert.

It’s no wonder that this music band has millions of fans because it’s not only concerned with concerts and profits and this band also thinks about the impact and solutions to solve it.

2. Environmentally friendly stage and performance equipment

Suggestions for environmentally friendly stage designs can use organic architecture, which is interpreted as an approach to designing design concepts based on forms that adapt to dynamic nature (Tezza, 2009). Organic architecture also implies elements of modern music in which the harmony of rhythm in terms of the structure and proportions of the building is not symmetrical, so the organic architecture is always considered futuristic and modern. Organic architecture often uses metaphors, for example, the shape of a shell, like a slice of orange, or like a bird’s wings flapping.

Coldplay, on tour for one year, is trying to make concerts environmentally friendly in a sustainable manner and improve them from time to time. They do not feel that the concept of being environmentally friendly is a burden; instead, it looks cool and fun. At this Coldplay concert, there is a kinetic floor that you can jump on and then generate energy. This includes Coldplay’s eco-friendly tour stage design with low-carbon materials and a combination of lightweight, reusable materials such as bamboo and recycled steel. After the concert is over, all materials can be reused and recycled. This is a clear example of the implementation of Steadman’s (2008) statement that there is a tendency to use certain materials in organic architecture. The selected materials can be natural and local, materials that can produce free forms, as well as materials that support the use of lightweight structures. Environmentally friendly stage design is a form of realization of the principles of sustainability in architecture.
On its website, Coldplay also details the need for concerts that do not produce large emissions. They even set up fireworks and confetti floating in the water. A carbon-capturing company from Switzerland named Climeworks stated, “Coldplay has announced that their Music of the Spheres World Tour has a minimum net zero carbon footprint.” Net-zero emissions mean understanding the balance between carbon production and removal.
Environmentally friendly stage design at a Coldplay concert is undeniably a multi-faceted endeavor. The importance of teamwork that is trained for sustainable design and consults with professional experts to provide the best guidance and solutions according to the situation and location of the concert.

3. Reduce Waste and Manage waste

One of the biggest contributors to waste comes from concerts. However, trash containing food or drinks will not be found at Coldplay concerts because Coldplay concerts implement a system to minimize waste. Coldplay concerts provide refillable water for concertgoers so that audience members can bring drink bottles as water containers and spectators can freely refill the bottles they carry.
Coldplay will also promote reducing plastic waste and recycling waste at each of their concerts by cooperating with each venue not to sell drinking water that uses disposable containers and providing refilled drinking water. In addition, merchandise from the Coldplay band is also free of plastic.

4.Reduce flights

Coldplay has committed to reducing the use of chartered flights in their current world tour. However, in certain locations, they still require chartered flights to transport personnel, crew, and necessary equipment. Nevertheless, for all types of flights, both commercial and chartered, Coldplay will pay additional costs to use or supply Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

Coldplay is aware of the importance of using more environmentally friendly fuel in the aviation industry. Therefore, they strive to use SAF in their flights as much as possible. By paying these additional costs, they contribute to the development and use of more sustainable aviation fuel and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

Furthermore, Coldplay also considers the use of environmentally friendly vehicles in their ground transportation. They make efforts to use electric vehicles or vehicles that use biofuel to reduce the environmental impact of their land travel.

5.Use of environmentally friendly spectator LED wristbands

Xylobands are the iconic LED bands in every Coldplay concert since 2012 until now. One of the privileges that fans get when watching a Coldplay concert is the Xylobands LED bracelet. This bracelet is given to all fans who buy Coldplay concert tickets. It is only loaned and will be returned after the concert. This bracelet was made not only to enliven the concert alone, but this bracelet is also present to the rhythm of the music being played by Coldplay. Behind a very luxurious and attractive appearance, it turns out that Xylobands has some interesting facts. Xylobands are here to enliven the Coldplay concert with the colorful lights produced by the LED bracelets. The purpose of creating Xylobands is not only to give the best performance impression but also to be able to save energy usage. Therefore, the use of LED, which is one of the most environmentally friendly lamps, is chosen. As it is made from 100 percent plant-based materials, the casing of this bracelet can be removed and composted after 2 months. Compost itself is useful for increasing the soil’s binding capacity to water so that it can store groundwater longer. In addition, organic compost has beneficial properties such as:

  • Varied balanced nutritional elements
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe from contamination by harmful elements
  • Can improve soil conditions
  • Easily degraded

Although Xylobands gives the impression of an environmentally friendly LED bracelet product, it has a lifespan of up to 18 hours of use. Xylobands last up to 3 weeks in power-saving mode. Therefore, Xylobands LED bracelets are only for lending to fans when watching concerts and will be used for the next Coldplay concert.

6.Make use of renewable energy

Reporting from Timesofindia Coldplay provides the statement, “We will use power in our stage production, almost entirely with renewable energy and super low emissions. We will avoid fossil fuels as much as possible.” Likewise with the use of electricity, which is certainly environmentally friendly. Coldplay makes sure their concerts avoid the use of fossil fuels as much as possible. This is because Coldplay’s concerts have an environmentally friendly concept. According to Mindrakyat.com, here are five renewable energies that Coldplay uses in the concerts they are holding:
Coldplay will install solar photovoltaic panels in the build-up for each show, backstage, around the stadium, and where possible in outside meeting places. The show battery will start charging as soon as we arrive at the venue.
Neste Coldplay partners will provide renewable diesel and biofuel-type Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), which is produced 100 percent from renewable raw materials, especially waste, and residues such as used cooking oil.
The use of renewable diesel can significantly reduce generator carbon emissions. Renewable diesel will power most of Coldplay’s touring transport by a truck as well, meaning super low emissions of as much as 75 to 95 percent reduced emissions for Coldplay’s touring transport parts as well.
In partnership with BMW, Coldplay has developed the first rechargeable mobile exhibition battery, made from recyclable BMW i3 batteries. Those batteries will power Coldplay’s show with renewable energy, wherever they take it.
Coldplay will have several other batteries at its disposal, which can be charged from a variety of sources, including renewable diesel made from waste such as used cooking oil, solar energy, and even kinetic energy from fans.
Coldplay will be installing kinetic floors at select locations around the stadium so that the dancing of the fans can be converted into energy and will help power the show. Coldplay will install power-generating pedal bikes so fans can actively charge the show’s batteries.
Whenever available, Coldplay will use electrical power from 100 percent renewable sources. This is why Coldplay embarked on a tour in Costa Rica, where 99 percent of the electric power is renewable.

Posted on Instagram on June 2, 2023, Coldplay announced the development of the environment following several concerts held on the band’s Music of The Spheres Tour. Following are some of the positive impacts on the environment after the Coldplay band raised the concept of being environmentally friendly, including:

  1. The CO2 emission data resulted in 47% less from the first 12 months of travel, as validated by Prof. John E. Fernandez of the MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative.
  2. WWF Indonesia revealed via Instagram social media that the Coldplay band had planted 5 million trees by holding 5,000 hectares of restoration programs in 17 countries and 21 planting projects, including Kalimantan, Indonesia. Through the updated website, Coldplay also reveals that 66% of waste is recycled rather than disposed of in landfills.
  3. 95% of his concert tours also provide free water refills and warn some visitors to bring refillable bottles.
  4. On November 22, which was his first concert in Malaysia, Coldplay also deployed a solar-powered ship called Interceptor 005 to clean up the Klang River, which is one of the 50 most polluted rivers in the world. Through the Coldplay website, they also updated the results of the waste that had been collected as much as 158 tons and 13 tons of plastic waste that were dumped into the river.
  5. The Coldplay band is also working hard to reduce flights by air. On the Coldplay website, an emissions update reveals it saved 553 ton CO2e by purchasing sustainable fuels.  
  6. Apart from providing benefits to the environment, the Coldplay band also provides support and donations. Through the Coldplay website, they revealed that they had donated 3,770 pounds of food and 73 kg of toiletries. In addition, the Coldplay band also made financial donations to several environmental organizations, namely ClientEarth, The Ocean Cleanup, Climeworks, Sea Shepherd, Project Seagrass, Sustainable Food Trust, Cleaner Seas Group, Food Forest Project, Knowledge Pele, Conservation Collective, and others.


Coldplay, a rock band from London, recently became popular because they will be holding a concert tour with a commitment to protecting the environment. Efforts are being made to suppress the use of high carbon-producing materials and to take advantage of the interaction between the materials used and the activities of the audience. In addition, the concert will also be attended and analyzed by environmental experts on the possibility of damage to the climate and the surrounding environment. This is one of Coldplay’s commitments to reducing the impact of the increasingly widespread climate crisis. Some of the other things that were done during the tour were the selection of environmentally friendly stage designs, effective waste management, reduction of flights during the tour, the use of environmentally friendly audience LED bracelets, and the use of renewable energy such as solar power, biofuels, battery systems, and grids. So it can be said that the music industry also plays an important role in environmental preservation by paying attention to the impact of its activities when making music.


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