Fun to Tour and Fun to Farm with Agrotourism

September 17, 2020
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September 18, 2020

Fun to Tour and Fun to Farm with Agrotourism

In this 21st century, there are a lot of technological advances in our world but sadly behind those advancements there also lies natural damage, climate change, the issue of farmer regeneration, and other problems that must be resolved. These issues are the cause of concern about the disappearance of agriculture in an increasingly modern era, even though until now agriculture is still the main source of food, feed, fabric, and even fuel. As part of Z generation, we must continue to increase innovation and creativity by utilizing the latest science and technology so that the existence of agriculture is more preserved and sustainable without damaging the environment.

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Agrotourism is defined as a series of tourism activities by utilizing the potential of agriculture as a tourist attraction, both in the form of a natural panorama of its agricultural area as well as the uniqueness and diversity of production activities, agricultural technology, and the culture of its agricultural community (Palit et al., 2017). Agrobusiness is defined as an agricultural business in a broad sense including dryland agriculture, rice fields, crops, plantations, livestock, forestry, yards, moor, fields (Mayasari & Ramdhan, 2013). Various activity processes ranging from agro cultivation, pre-harvest, post-harvest, in the form of processing to marketing can be used as agrotourism objects. Agrotourism has been successful in promoting rural development and protecting the environment because agrotourism tends to develop more sustainable techniques that have a positive impact on biodiversity, landscapes, and natural resources (Mastronardi et al., 2015).

In simple terms, agrotourism is defined as agriculture in a broad sense (plantations, livestock, fisheries, and other aspects of agriculture) which serve as a tourist destination with various facilities and attract the attention of tourists. Visitors can carry out various activities and learn things related to agriculture such as participating in planting crops, picking and enjoying fruit directly from the tree, participating in processing crops such as coffee beans into a ready to drink coffee, enjoying various rides such as outbound, or just walking on the road enjoying the fresh air and beautiful nuances that are rarely found in urban areas.

Photo by Zoe Schaeffer on Unsplash

The higher the science and technology, then various innovations and creativity are being carried out to maintain the existence of agriculture itself. Agrotourism is a solution that can be developed to educate the public that agriculture is not only about planting, caring for, harvesting, then selling or consuming agricultural products by yourself. This is something new, where farmers can get income apart from selling their agricultural produce. Agricultural areas with various facilities that support tourism but still preserve the environment are expected to attract the attention of urban communities as an alternative tourist destination. Citizens who are mostly weary with noises, traffic jams, pollution, and so on, of course, want to enjoy a calm, natural, and fresh atmosphere just like in the countryside. Besides, agrotourism is also a place of education for children and adults whose knowledge is still lacking about agriculture. In various developed countries, agrotourism is one of the fastest-growing tourism, various recreational facilities are built such as outbound, camping ground, to become a luxury resort while maintaining natural preservation. Of course, various experiences in nature may not be felt by everyone, and agrotourism is a place to experience various exciting things in nature while still ensuring the safety and comfort of visitors. With the existence of agrotourism, the existence of agriculture can still be maintained, even in the future it can be increased, developed, and sustainable without damaging the environment so that it can also be enjoyed by future generations.

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