IAAS Goes to Embassy by IAAS LC Unpad

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November 4, 2020
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November 12, 2020

IAAS Goes to Embassy by IAAS LC Unpad

Hello #FamillAAS

On Saturday October 17th 2020, IAAS LC Unpad held IAAS Goes to Embassy (IGTE) “Study Abroad and Scholarship Opportunity in Japan” with Zoom as the digital platform attended by over 100 participants from various student and scholar all over Indonesia. The material was presented by two speakers. Sintya Diah Safitri as Study Abroad Advisor Japan Embassy in Indonesia and Dwi Harya Yudistira as MEXT Awardee.

In this event the participants obtained some information and insights about the education and scholarships in Japan, such as MEXT scholarships, Local Government & Private Organizations, LPDP, Ajinomoto Scholarships, Mitsubishi Scholarship and many more.

Thank you to all participants who have joined our event. We hope it can be inspiring and useful. See you soon!

More info, go to unpad.iaas.or.id


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