IHFNM Challenge by IAAS LC IPB

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November 2, 2020
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November 3, 2020

IHFNM Challenge by IAAS LC IPB

Hello IAASers!

IAAS LC IPB is happy to announce that the IHFNM challenge stage has been done. The series of this challenge was held on 30th September 2020- 10th October 2020. There were so much fun and enthusiasm shown by all the participants.

Candidate Members of IOP 28 were divided into 5 departments in IAAS and they held events that related to each department. This challenge aims to introduce the work programs in each department and give the experiences to feel how each department works for an event.

The main event was held on the 7-9th of October 2020. On the 7th of October, there were Candidate Members that had their probation in Human Resource Department a who had their event which were Leadership Webinar with the main theme “Improving Discipline during Online Learning” and Project Department with the Social Empowerment Webinar about “Millennial Contribution for Social Service in Pandemic Era”.

The next day, it’s Candidate Members from Expro Department and Science and Technology Department turns! Candidate Members from Expro Department organized their first IAAS Conversation Club Goes Online and brought the main topic for FGD about: Does Online Learning Make You Burn Out?”. Meanwhile, Candidate Members from STD were having I-Facts Webinar who succeeded in inviting Mark Sungkar as a speaker and brought the main topic of “Urban Farming 4.0 in Pandemic”

Last but not least, Candidate Members from External Department had their event done on October 9th. They succeed in organizing Public Relation Class and invited Putu Kana as Vice Director of Partnership IAAS Indonesia who brought the material on copywriting with the theme “The Magic Of Words In Digital Marketing”

The ending of the challenge stage meant that IHFNM 2020 has officially come to the end. CongratulationsThey also would like to thank all participants who were involved in our webinar series. We strongly hope that our events can always give good impacts on others.

For more information, go to ipb.iaas.or.id


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