About IAAS

International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences (IAAS) is the World Biggest Student Association in The Field of Agriculture and Related Sciences. 

– IAAS provides universities the chance to promote their study programs via the IAAS network’s “Study Abroad Program” and gives students the chance to find interesting study programs.

– Sharpen the ability to find solutions to problems faced by the world of agriculture and as a channel aspirations in developing themselves and society.

– Increasing awareness of agriculture with real action in the local, national and international relation.

– IAAS cooperates with other international student organizations as well as the official representations such as the FAO, UN, EU and the respective partners of the association.

– Students in the scope of agriculture and related sciences

– Have a high commitment

How to Join IAAS?

If your university isn’t being IAAS Indonesia local committee yet, you can establish it!

  1. Send a motivation statement to National Director (nationaldirector.iaas.id@gmail.com)
  2. We will give the materials related with IAAS and invite you to participate in our nearest events
  3. Make the formators
  4. Search for the potential hosting place also village concept project in your region
  5. There will be an invitation letter for your university to join National Congress for presenting IAAS future planning in your university
  6. Based on your progress and your work plan, your team will be considered to be Candidate Member of IAAS Indonesia
  7. After you succeed as Candidate Member during one year, you will be re-invited to IAAS Indonesia National Congress
  8. Based on your progress and your annual report, your team will be considered to be Full Member of IAAS Indonesia and appointed to become new Local Committee