Mentorship Program IAAS Indonesia 2022 is a program held by the Quality Board of Human Resources IAAS Indonesia for Quality Board of IAAS Indonesia. This Mentorship Program is aiming to provide experience in developing and improving Members of Quality Board IAAS Indonesia’s soft skills and hard skills (as mentees). This program is also conducted to encourage and empower Quality Board Members of IAAS Indonesia to build, reach, and meet career goals by honing their capabilities.

The activities included in this program are

    1. welcoming mentees,
    2. providing material through courses that have been designed,
    3. assessment and feedback of mentees’ assignments,
    4. one-on-two meeting consultations (mentor with mentees),
    5. mentees’ final presentation assessment, and mentees graduation.

    Activities are carried out online through the Zoom Cloud Meetings/Google Meet.


This program provides three specific fields from each mentor among them is

Human Resource




things that are needed to join this program
  1. Must be an IAAS Indonesia Quality Board Member
  2.  Have a strong willingness to join the program
  1. Latest CV
  2. A motivation letter
  3. DISC test result
  1. Apply through form: https://bit.ly/MentorshipProgramRegister
  2. Upload your CV
  3. Make a motivation letter why you are interested in joining this program in 350-500 words through the letter format that has been provided https://bit.ly/MotivationLetterTemplate
  4. Upload your DISC Test result, if you do not have yet, you can take the test through: https://bit.ly/DISC_QB
  5. Submit your form before the due date. Good luck!