National Congress XXV Universitas Padjajaran, Bandung

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November 17, 2019
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March 16, 2020

National Congress XXV Universitas Padjajaran, Bandung

Hello #FamilIAAS!

Surakarta, 26 February 2020 – As some of you may know, National Congress is the highest authority in policy making in IAAS Indonesia. Representatives from each local committees come together to attend this event to discuss about the future plan of IAAS Indonesia. This year, IAAS Indonesia held National Congress XXV, hosted by IAAS LC Unpad on January 25th – 28th 2020 at Salis Hotel in Bandung.

On the first day of National Congress, we started off by Market Hunter Competition and VCP (Village Concept Project) Exhibition. The goal was to compare of VCP’s product from each Local Committee. On the 26th January, we held general assembly in which it perfomance reporting from cadidate members, recitation of accountability sheets from 2019’s National Committees, Control Councils of National Committee’s surveillance reporting, and the candidacy of 2020’s National Committees. On the 27th January, the general assembly continued with announcement of 2020’s elected National Committees as well as Control Councils of National Committees, discussion about IAAS’ big events as well as RENSTRA, followed by having a farewell party. On the last day, we had excurtion that was excursion to Taman Hutan Raya. 

Here is the main highlight of National Congress XXV that you have been waiting for, FamilIAAS!

Newly Elected National Committees and Control Council National Committee

Introducing to you, our newly elected National Committees of IAAS Indonesia 2020-2021:

  1. Brigita E K Sidharta from IAAS LC UGM as National Director,
  2. Novi Arni Nurmades from IAAS LC UNPAD as Vice Director of Finance,
  3. Hanna Bella S S from IAAS LC UNPAD as Vice Director of Project and Science,
  4. Putu Kana Narayan from IAAS LC IPB as Vice Director of Partnership,
  5. Hanik Muzdalifah from IAAS LC UNS as Vice Director of Communication, and
  6. Drinancahya Dunya from IAAS LC UNS as Vice Director of Exchange.

Not to forget, we have our newly elected Control Council National Committee of IAAS Indonesia 2020-2021:

  1. Mohamad Triaji from IAAS LC UNS,
  2. Maria Jacklyn B P Patty from IAAS LC IPB, and
  3. M Alawy Syaiful Anam from IAAS LC UB.

Congratulation!!! to be Full Member of IAAS Indonesia

We also want to congratulate our new full member of IAAS Indonesia:

  1. Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (@iaaslcumy)
  2. Universitas Udayana (@iaasunud)
  3. Universitas Jember (@iaaslcunej)

Best wishes for the next journey and see you on the next National Congress!

Contact Information:
Communication Team of IAAS Inodnesia

International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences (IAAS) is the World Biggest Student Association in The Field of Agriculture and Related Sciences. IAAS was founded in 1957 and started with only 8 member countries.For the last 60 years, IAAS has grown into a big organization with 53 member countries and more than 10,000 active members. IAAS Indonesia was found by Mr. Arif Satria on December 29th 1992. By the year of 2020, IAAS Indonesia has 11 Local Committees across the country with more than 1200 active members.

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