One Year Snapfood Campaign – Encourage Society to Make Zero Food Waste

September 23, 2016
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October 25, 2016

One Year Snapfood Campaign – Encourage Society to Make Zero Food Waste

This year, Snapfood is celebrating one year since its official launch in commemorating World Food Day in 2015. It was born from  the global problem that called FOOD WASTE in the world. The fact says that 1.3 billion tons get lost or wasted in the world, over 97% of food waste generated ends up in the landfill beside that the food waste is giving impact to environmental problem because every ton of food wasted results in 3.8 tons of greenhouse gas emissions and many more.


We believe by finishing the food without leaving any waste is the littlest thing which bring a wide impact to appreciate all the agriculture role on how the food is processed. So Snapfood is an online campaign initiated by IAAS Indonesia that aimed to encourage society especially the youth to appreciate their food and the farmer works. It is formed by taking picture of food on before and after finish the food.


Until now, more than 100 snapfood has been received to IAAS Indonesia. Beside that, we held Snapfood special edition in commemorating special day like World Milk Day, Ied Fitri and Nasional Farmer’s Day. We’d like to say thank you to everyone who send their snapfood to inspire and encourage society to appreciate food and farmer works. Let’s do more positive action by joining Snapfood and invite people to finish their food.


Then if you haven’t join Snapfood, please join us. Every Saturday is Snapfood Day.

How to join snapfood?
1. Take picture of your food BEFORE you eat
2. Eat your food and finish it
3. Take picture of your food AFTER you eat
4. Then combine it, and share on your instragram

Caption format:
I Join Snapfood by @iaas_indonesia, (your best caption)
Tag @iaas_indonesia and use #iaas #snapfood #worldfoodday #finishyourfood

*Please don’t lock your instagram, so we can receive your Snapfood 🙂

International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences (IAAS) is the World Biggest Student Association in The Field of Agriculture and Related Sciences. IAAS was founded in 1957 and started with only 8 member countries.For the last 60 years, IAAS has grown into a big organization with 53 member countries and more than 10,000 active members. IAAS Indonesia was found by Mr. Arif Satria on December 29th 1992. By the year of 2020, IAAS Indonesia has 11 Local Committees across the country with more than 1200 active members.

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