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Our Diet, Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing Climate Change

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Climate change is one of the biggest problem around the world. Global warming, rising temperatures and sea levels, irregular season or changes in rainfall and dry patterns, rising water temperatures and the most dangerous is intense extreme weather events, this kind of thing will affect our life such as how and where we produce our food. Emission reductions from food production have so far received less attention in GHG mitigation policies than those from energy, transport and other industrial sectors; consequently emissions from agriculture could become the dominant source of global emissions today.

If Climate change is getting worst, by time farmers, fishers, and some of agriculture and aquaculture producers will face a serious pressure because they have to adapt to this condition and have to learn about the technology to meet this situation. Public should be more aware of the impact of this
climate change and take some actions should be taken to reduce it slowly.

The global response to climate change today will determine how we feed future generations tomorrow. Government policies will be essential to successful climate change adaptation.By transforming their agriculture sectors, countries have the chance to achieve food security for all.

marine pollution (earthlymission)
marine pollution (earthlymission)

FAO ( Food and Agriculture Organization ) said , “ Agriculture, including forestry, fisheries and livestock production, generate around a fifth of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. This must be reduced by 2030 to achieve the goal of limiting global warming to 2°C.” FAO also have strategies to face this challenge and focuses on adaptation and mitigation. Stronger mitigation efforts are being embraced worldwide to slow down and stabilise global warming. Many countries have revisited their mitigation plans to strengthen their effectiveness or to find new solutions.

Meaningful change does not mean a grim life of deprivation. New habits and energy-smart investments can make a real difference. Each person can reduce the rapid rate of climate change and contribute to a healthier planet. One action we can simply do is plant our own garden, this is one activity that allows you to shrink a growing carbon footprint while increasing your activity and intake of fresh vitamins and minerals. Plants or trees can reduce carbon dioxide in the air beside that we have our own fresh food. Decreasing the consumption of meat is incredibly helpful for our planet

Cutting Trees
Trees source of oxygen (graphical-news)

Animal agriculture is the process of breeding and using animals for food production for humans. It is one of the largest contributors to GHG emissions. This sector occupies for nearly 18% of all global emissions, while the transportation sector only produces about 14% of those emissions.

Emissions from animal agriculture are particularly significant because they are largely made up of methane, which is 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

It’s clear that agriculture bring a lot of harmful effect on our environment. especially animal agriculture, it is one of the largest contributors to GHG emissions effect. People nowadays likes consume large amounts of meat, dairy, and eggs. There are many plant-based alternatives available that make it easy to reduce your consumption of animal products. reducing or eliminating your consumption of it can be a great way to start making your own impact.

And last thing is food waste causes a lot of gas emissions and a lot of environmental impacts. Reduce buying outside food that use plastic, food disposal in landfills creates a significant source of methane. Human society should work together towards decreasing the amount of food waste we produce in order to reduce environmental impacts and provide food for people that desperately need it.

Global Warming (speckyboy)

Written By: Yoanna Aprillia Sanyoto



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