Why you should collaborate with IAAS Indonesia?

Entering the 26th year of IAAS in Indonesia, we have been dedicated most of our works to enhance the agricultural development and youth interest in agricultural sector. Identifying that the world (including agricultural sector) will be led by the millennial generation in the near future, we acknowledge that having collaboration among different stakeholder is necessary. So here are some elaborations on why should your organization/institution establish collaboration with us.

What is IAAS Indonesia focusing on?
  1. Youth Development

We envisioned to create world class members with grassroots understanding, therefore we provide member development program where the members will be able to have extra experiences and knowledge by leading some activities such as training, seminar, working camp, and visiting companies/NGOs/related industries in agriculture. We believe that by this program, our members can learn and develop their capacity in terms of soft-skills and hard-skills. 

  1. Local Community Empowerment

We pursue people to interact with society and educating each other. We believe that there must be something we can learn and share both from IAAS Indonesia to the society or from society into IAAS Indonesia. This mission has been brought through Village Concept Project in 11 different locations in Indonesia. Village Concept Project is a social project which aims to improve the living standard of local communities in terms of education, agricultural & environmental field, and community empowerment. 

  1. Exchange Program

Our members are connected nationally and globally by the exchange program. We provide the opportunities to have an internship experience and learn from agricultural based and related companies across the country members through 3 types of exchange program; Archimedes, Ceres, and Libertas. Through the exchange program opportunity, we are preparing the professionalism for future leaders in agriculture. More info


What is the power of IAAS Indonesia?

  1. Big Network and Actively Involving Youth

We have 1200 members throughout Indonesia in 8 Local Committee from Top Ten University such as IPB, UNPAD, UNDIP, UGM, UNS, UB, UNRAM, and ULM. We consistently recruit at least 400 new members per year. This can help you to achieve your vision and mission that targeted at large audience.

  1. Impactful Projects

We are currently running some big projects with different missions such as YOUTHAGRICARETURE (to increase the living standard of local communities in terms of education, agricultural & environmental field, and community empowerment); SNAPFOOD CAMPAIGN (an online campaign that aimed to encourage society especially the youth to appreciate their food and the farmer works. It is formed by taking picture or video of your food on before and after you finish the food); IAAS SUMMIT (a breakthrough to bring agriculture to the new sexy for youth); and EXCHANGE PROGRAM (internship both national and internationally). Do you want to be in a team with us to help us achieve all of those missions?

  1. Access to Young Talents with World Class Mindset and Grassroots Understanding

We are not only focusing on giving impact to the local community, but also giving personal impact to our members in developing their potential. Through IAAS activities, our members can harness the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills, communication skills, cross-cultural skills, and adaptability skills. We believe that these skills are important for millennial generation who will take the seat as our future leaders in the upcoming years.

  1. FAO-theme related Activities

As FAO has different theme for each year, we strongly support FAO theme by adapting the chosen theme for our activities such as in Youth agricareture and Snapfood Campaign. Are you planning to do a CSR that related to FAO-theme? IAAS Indonesia will be the right partner for you. Let’s hand in hand making change in FAO-theme area. Because we believe that to lead change, you will need collaboration.

  1. Attractive and Accessible Platform

We are trusted and able to deliver information to our big network at once. We have representatives in 10 big cities over Indonesia (Bogor-Bandung-Semarang-Solo-Yogyakarta-Malang-Jember-Bali-Banjarmasin-Mataram). Are you planning to advertise or disseminate any information? We have a magazine as a platform to deliver the information with at least 1.200 readers. Because we believe that the right information should be delivered to the right people.


Do not hesitate to partner with us and submit your proposal to: partnership.iaasindonesia@gmail.com

We are looking forward to have any collaboration with you.