Partnership Academy 2020

Bagaimanakah Pemanfaatan Pekarangan Rumah di Masa Pandemik COVID-19?
June 27, 2020
July 8, 2020

Partnership Academy 2020

During this pandemic, many people forced to do their activities via digital. However, as a Non-Governmental Organization, IAAS still needs partners to carry out and support our project that must keep running even in this situation. Therefore, as Board of Partnership IAAS Indonesia, we initiated our new event, titled “Partnership Academy” in order to improve our member’s knowledge about Partnership, such as the role of partnership, tools for approaching partners, how to do pivot on the partnership, partnership strategy. This event was held via Google Meet in three sessions, with three different topics as well.

The first session was held on 13th June 2002, by Edward Colind as our speaker and he brought awesome presentation, titled “Maximizing the Impact of Partnership”. Started with an explanation about many sectors that got impacted by COVID-19, and at the end of the session, there was a workshop where all the audience were divided into 16 groups and asked to complete the assignment. From that discussion, the audience could get new knowledge about how to analyze social media valuation and the unique selling proposition of various companies.

On the next Saturday, 20th June 2020, we invited Muhammad Rizqullah to share the second topic, titled “Creating Collaboration Using Digital Partnership”. As a National Head of Public Relations AIESEC Indonesia 19/20, he shared many insightful materials and we glad we could have a wider perspective from the different organizational backgrounds. From the presentation and QnA session, we could conclude that the most important thing to do (especially for the Partnership sector) during this pandemic is Pivoting on your Why.

The last session on 27th June 2020, titled “Building Creative Collaboration to Face Up the New Normal” was delivered by one of Familiaas alumni, Sonny Sanjaya, who is currently working in one of the best agricultures fintech startup companies in Indonesia. He shared about his experiences in a startup company and their partnership strategy, such as how to restructure the partnership strategy during this pandemic, how to valuate company, and partnership segmentation. At the end of the session, the participants were given some case studies to pick and identify a company with a balanced scorecard partnership that greatly opened our insights into partnership.

You can re-watch our insightfull Partnership Academy on IAAS Indonesia Youtube Channel

From this Partnership Academy, we hope that all the participants can implement the knowledge to build their partnership and collaborate with the other partner, especially to support their IAAS events in the future. We would like to thank those who have involved and contributed to our program!


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