Webinar: Youth’s Role on Agricultural Development – Agritalk in Juli

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July 26, 2020
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August 20, 2020

Webinar: Youth’s Role on Agricultural Development – Agritalk in Juli

Hi IAASer!⠀

Agritalk 2020 July edition was held on July 30th, 2020 with a theme “Youth’s Role on Agricultural Development”. The event started at 10.00 WIB until 12.00 WIB. Participants gathered online via Google Meet. The topic was delivered by Diah Widuretno (Mbak Diah) as a speaker who is actively involved in community development program, which is Sekolah Pagesangan. ⠀

The first session was a presentation by a speaker about youth and rural areas. There is a lot of reasons why majority of young people prefer urban life than rural life. Those reasons can be concluded as rural areas could not make them financially reassured. But, we should not feel discouraged because rural areas also need us-young people. We need to know who we are, who and what we are going to face, how to deal with it, how to put ourselves in places. Mbak Diah also shares her experience with Sekolah Pagesangan. ⠀

Same as another Agritalk series, there was both discussion and challenge in the end. The challenge was announced on Line Open chat.⠀

Thank you to all parties who support this event. We hope we can meet again on the next Agritalk.⠀

Stay tuned and don’t forget to join our Line Square on bit.ly/Agritalk !⠀

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