Social Campaign – Youth Agricareture

Webiar Series – Youth Agricareture
November 15, 2020
Aquaponic From Home Competition by IAAS LC Unpad
November 29, 2020

Social Campaign – Youth Agricareture

Hello #FamilIAAS!

We know that IAAS INDONESIA had held Social Campaign on 30th October and 1st November. So many people join this campaign and we thank you all for participated in our social campaign!

We really hope that through these campaign could make us more aware about sustainable agriculture.

For you who had join the challenge too, we would say thank you so much and let’s wait for the winner… Yeay!!

But don’t be sad for you who didn’t join the challenge, you can do it now and forth to support sustainable agriculture from your house.

Let’s still rock the world with Good Farm Good Food!!

Here! You can see out social campaign video!

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