The XXI National Congress IAAS Indonesia

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February 20, 2016

The XXI National Congress IAAS Indonesia

On 30 January – 3 February 2016, IAAS Indonesia held The XXI National Congress which was hosted by IAAS LC Sebelas Maret University. More than 80 young people gather from every local committee sent their best delegates to bring same mission and set the shared vision for IAAS’ better future in this event. This National Congress (NATCON) consisted of six agendas such as welcoming party, international seminar, council, workshop, fieldtrip and farewell party.

Natcon XXI SLR_8900

Process of making SABUTASI

The theme for International Seminar was Developing Sustainable Farming System and Processing Technology of Agriproducts to Strengthen Global Food Security. The speakers of this seminar are competent so the participants were very excited. After the seminar, Natcon participants went to IAAS LC Sebelas Maret University Village Concept Project in Kemuning Village, Central Java to learn how to make “SABUTASI” (Sari Jambu Biji Fermentasi), it means fermented guava juice. The participants were divided into eight groups and tried to make it. All participants were happy because they learnt something new from this workshop. The taste of SABUTASI is so delicious and rare to be found in the other places.

During three days, Natcon participants were doing council. Started from the report of WOCO 2015 delegation, the XX Natcon 2015 , every local committees progress to forum, Launching of IAAS 2020, National Committee 2015/2016 report, Council Control National Committee report, election of new National Committee and Control Council National Committee and the next strategy for IAAS.

The elected National Committee and Control Council National Committee are Siti Nisrina Hasna as National Director, Edward Colind as Vice Director of Partnership, Cahyta Jati Kusumo as Vice Director of Finance, Ardissa Ditrisia Ardianti as Vice Director of Exchange, Nabilah Putri as Vice Director of Communication, Anugrah Nurman Ibrahim as Vice Director of Project and Science Technology. Then for Control Council National Committee are Ratih Nawangwulan, Pebrian Ricky Sahal and Nendi Triastika Furi.

The council ended with farewell party! Every local committes showed off their dance talent and everyone was happy with the party. On the last day, participants have an excursion in Solo. They went to The Surakarta Kraton (palace) that established in 1745. Then participant had lunch at Rumah Makan Selat Solo, Selat is a western-derived Javanese cuisine specialty of Solo city.


Process of making batik

After that they went to Batik Danar Hadi Museum to learn how to make a batik, participants were very excited. As we know batik is Indonesian cultural heritage. Last, we went to buy typical Solo souvenir. We had so much fun in XXI National Congress in Solo. Thank you IAAS LC Sebelas Maret University for hosting this XXI National Congress and to all amazing delegates.


International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences (IAAS) is the World Biggest Student Association in The Field of Agriculture and Related Sciences. IAAS was founded in 1957 and started with only 8 member countries.For the last 60 years, IAAS has grown into a big organization with 53 member countries and more than 10,000 active members. IAAS Indonesia was found by Mr. Arif Satria on December 29th 1992. By the year of 2020, IAAS Indonesia has 11 Local Committees across the country with more than 1200 active members.

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