Webiar Series – Youth Agricareture

Agroferestry: Hubungan Komensalisme Antara Manusia Dengan Alam
November 14, 2020
Social Campaign – Youth Agricareture
November 17, 2020

Webiar Series – Youth Agricareture

[Press Release Webinar Series Youth Agricareture]
Hi Familias!
In October, webinar series from 11 Local Committees of IAAS Indonesia was held. The webinar were series of Youth Agricareture 2020 with theme “Good Farm Good Food” in 11 different topics.
These webinars were held on 30 October 2020 – 1 November 2020. Webinar accessed via virtual meetings. The speakers came from various sources who are experts in their fields and attended by more than 2000 participants from various universities in Indonesia.
Through this series of webinars, we hoped that it can increase knowledge, experience, and raise awareness for young generation to play the role in sustainable agriculture for healthy living.
Thank you to all participants who have participated in this series of webinar. See you again!
Think Globally, Act locally!

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