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November 30, 2020
First Gathering Delegations of IAAS National Workshop
December 8, 2020

Webinar: “Coffee Trend among Millennials, Price or Taste?” by IAAS LC Unud

Hi FamilIAAS!

Indonesia is the 4th largest coffee producer in the world which shows that Indonesia’s potential is huge to be able to make its coffee as a commodity that must be developed.

This time IAAS TALK has the theme “Coffee Trend among Millennials, Price or Taste?” with the hope that the general public will provide an overview and also an understanding of coffee, coffee culture, coffee philosophy, coffee history, to coffee consumption itself.

IAAS TALK is a discussion forum activity taht held online for this year in webinar that are open to general audience. This activity is one of the work programs of the Science Technology Department of IAAS LC Unud

See you in the next IAAS Talk


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