IAAS LC Unram established in Mataram (West Nusa Tenggara), June 1998.


1. IAAS On Vocation: To invite member knowing places wisata/ places that have history and
culture especially on the island of Lombok, centres research and company/ entrepreneur
engaged in the field of agriculture in general ( agriculture, ranch, fishing, forestry ).

2.  International Class: To learn English together and of other languages, as well as the talk with
discuss the topics related to the field of science, agriculture, farms, economic and so forth
happened in Indonesia and other countries ( which are popular ).

3. Iaas Weekend: to improve gathering fellow members, so that all members may know each

4.  Iaas Forestry: to invite members IAAS LC UNRAM to contribute in an attempt preservation
of the environment.

5. Iaas Marketing: to improve insight into the startegi are self-employed.

6. The study On Farm: to improve knowledge and ability members IAAS with plunged directly
into the field.

7. Iaas Cerdas: to improve members ability to follow various activities in the field of scientific
like the race short stories, PKM, the seminar, etc.

8. Study On Farm: to invite members of IAAS to contribute to advance education in order to
realize the independent.

9. Repare of Medsos publication manajement: to share an activities that have been carried out
the good in the electronic media and print media.

10. Record trck Video: to record all of activity’s LC Unram.

11. Sending Delegation: send or selecting member IAAS LC Unram to follow the national or
international and activities differently like street vendors, Magang, as well as Natcon etc.

12. Hosting Place: give the container as the exchange the national programs of associated with
the development of the farm that would be scrutinized ( interns )

13. Vcp ( Village Concept Project ): is the development of the village in Lombok, precisely in the
Village Bengkaung, district Stone screen. This activity done every Saturday with some of the
material has been prepared to be given to asdik sister in elementary school village
Bengkaung. In the hope of the future we can know the public closer and help develop the
village. Ranging from the repairs public facilities, as procurement tong garbage smart, improve income the village potential of local tourist maxsimally such as well as the processing products.

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