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IAAS LC UNEJ adalah salah satu Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa Universitas Jember yang berdiri pada 30 September 2018. IAAS LC UNEJ disahkan sebagai Calon Anggota oleh IAAS Indonesia pada 27 Januari 2019 saat Kongres Nasional XIV di Universitas Brawijaya, Malang. Kegiatan IAAS LC UNEJ mencangkup bidang pertanian, lingkungan, sosial, pemberdayaan, pertukaran pelajar, dan ilmu sains yang terkait. IAAS LC UNEJ terdiri dari 5 departemen yaitu Exchange Department, Human Resources and Development Department, Project Department, Science and Technology Department, dan Public Relation and Partnership Department. Setiap department memiliki program kerja yang menarik, seperti Expronas, IAAS On Vacation, Agriforest, Inspigro, Design Sharing, dan masih banyak lagi program kerja yang terdapat pada IAAS LC UNEJ.

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Exchange Program Nasional (Expronas)
With the IAAS Exchange Program, it is hoped that it will be able to attract students to take part in this exchange program while at the same time creating a young generation who is not only smart but also skilled and has good soft skills as well as establishing good and mutually beneficial cooperation between companies/institutions/institutions concerned as hosting Place.
A program with the hope that in the future it can be an access for students to channel and exchange agricultural and related knowledge and can have a positive impact and great benefits, especially for students of the University of Jember and the community in Jember Regency. The activity is one of the work programs of the Science and Technology Department.
IAAS on Vacation (IOV) is a field bonding activity with administrators to bond together, share, and increase a sense of togetherness, so as to make coordination in carrying out work programs easier. It is hoped that after the implementation of this activity the members can increase togetherness and a sense of belonging so that coordinating work programs becomes easier and more enjoyable.
Design Sharing
Design Sharing is an open sharing between PRP members and other departments regarding graphic design. The Design Sharing activity aims to develop the design skills of IAAS LC UNEJ members. ctivities carried out by socializing the IAAS Brand Guidelines. We also provide examples of how to design using the Photoshop and Canva applications according to the brand guidelines. Apart from that, there is also a design challenge activity, where participants can practice designing directly.
Agriforest (Agriculture for Elementary School) is one of the project department's work programs which contains learning activities related to agriculture for elementary school students in Village Concep Pohect (VCP). It is hoped that this Agriforest activity can help increase the interest of the younger generation in the agricultural sector, be able to support farmer regeneration programs, and can become a platform for young children to form important characters such as being creative, active, critical, confident, and full of curiosity.

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